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Dental Hygiene & Prevention in Winnipeg

Prevention. Early Detection. Treatment. At Odyssey Dental Care, our family dentists offer preventive treatment and professional oral hygiene maintenance with a gentle touch. We are happy to serve the communities of East Kildonan and Transcona.

Oral Hygiene Maintenance in Winnipeg

You’ve no doubt had your teeth cleaned. But what is it that we actually do when we actually clean your teeth?

At Odyssey Dental Care, our Winnipeg family dentists will evaluate what your particular risks and needs are and tailor your oral health care and dental cleanings to you. At your appointment, we remove soft (plaque) and hard (tartar, calculus or stains) deposits from your teeth to help prevent or delay the progression of periodontal disease.

We’ll begin with a comprehensive soft tissue examination and then screen for signs of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Then, we’ll complete a detailed charting of cavities, existing restorations that often includes fillings, crowns and other pre-existing tooth conditions. With schedules being what they are for busy families, we recommend you allow about one hour.

Pit Fissures and Sealants in Winnipeg

While sealants are by no means a cure-all in preventing all forms of tooth decay, they are helpful to patients – particularly children – in controlling decay in certain areas of the mouth.

What are sealants?

Sealants are a clear, acrylic-like material that helps shield out decay-causing bacteria from the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Sealants are often applied to a child’s baby molars by the age of three or four years. Once the six-year molars (the first permanent back teeth) appear, it is best to apply sealants as soon as possible. As a child's most cavity-prone years continue until the mid-teens, the premolars should also be sealed as they appear.

How can sealants prevent decay?

The sealant material bonds to the chewing surface of the back teeth, forming a protective barrier covering the pits and fissures (depressions and grooves) of the chewing surfaces. Sealants are an intermediate preventative step in delaying or preventing tooth decay on these areas of back teeth.

Are sealants suitable for all teeth?

Not really. Sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth and are not meant for areas between back teeth and front teeth. Also, teeth that already have fillings or detectable decay are not sealed. Adults may also have sealants placed on the chewing surfaces of non-restored back teeth.

How long do sealants last?

A sealant can last for a number of years depending on a patient’s chewing pattern. We always check to make sure the sealant material is intact.

To eat or not to eat?

While sealant material is quite durable, there are still some foods that can disrupt the integrity of the sealant.

Avoid: chewing ice cubes, hard candy, sticky foods

Enjoy: peanut butter, popcorn, fresh veggies, fruit yogurt, cheese, sugar-free popsicles

Space Maintainers for Children in Winnipeg

Space maintainers help “hold space” for permanent teeth. Your child may need one if he or she loses a baby tooth prematurely, before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. If a primary tooth is lost too early, adult teeth can erupt into the empty space instead of where they should be. When more adult teeth are ready to come into the mouth, there may not be enough room for them because of the lost space. To prevent this from happening, the dentist may recommend a space maintainer to hold open the space left by the missing tooth.

Sports Guards & Night Guards in Winnipeg

The Goal Is Protection

A sports guard is designed to protect teeth from damage while playing sports but they can also be use d at night to prevent teeth grinding – also called bruxism. You can pick up a generic mouth guard at any pharmacy but nothing can come close to the protection advantages of a mouth guard that is custom-made.

Why are Sports Guards an essential piece of equipment?

The obvious benefit is protection. A custom-fitted sports guard is designed to protect your teeth, mouth, neck, and jaw. Sports guards can even provide some protection for your head and help to prevent concussions. At Odyssey Dental Care, we believe that sports guards are an essential piece of any sports equipment like a hockey helmet or shin guard.

Why Night Guards can result in more than a good night’s sleep?

While occasionally grinding your teeth doesn't usually cause harm, grinding on a regular basis can damage teeth and lead to other oral health complications. That's because the constant pressure and motion can harm teeth, as well as muscles and tissues in and around the jaw. A custom-fitted night guard can protect your teeth from the effects of grinding.

Topical Fluoride Treatments in Winnipeg

Extra protection for your teeth

Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay (caries) and can repair teeth in the very early, microscopic stages of disease. At Odyssey Dental Care in Winnipeg, we apply a topical fluoride treatment after you’ve received a professional cleaning. Usually a fluoride gel or foam is placed in mouth shaped trays (affectionately known as duck trays) and inserted into the the mouth to “soak” in for a few minutes. After fluoride application, we’ll ask patients not to eat or drink for at least a half hour to allow for optimum absorption. Fluoride can re-mineralize small imperfections in the tooth enamel by attracting calcium to the teeth. Fluoride can actually make teeth stronger! Years of research and use have proven fluoride to be a safe and effective means of fighting and preventing tooth decay.

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